Society Lab

Society Lab is a platform that will connect and merge request and offer. Asylum seekers with vacant houses. Considering a number of 35,000 asylum seekers to arrive in Finland, and the amount of vacant houses in Finland, we developed the idea of creating a system that will connect the two together, optimising and managing all resources. Following this idea, there will be no need for unnecessary constructions, instead we propose to make a better use of the existing resources. Thus, our project will consist a first step towards integration: on one hand, refugees won’t be dwelled in new quarters risking to be segregated from the rest of the society and on the other hand, local citizens would have the possibility to interact and know the asylum seekers and benefit from their presence. The core idea is to use the funding from the state (and eventual authorities es. european community) that would have been used for new constructions, to sponsor the first 12 months of rent in the Finnish vacant apartments. With Cecilia Danieli and Mariana Riobom

01/23 - Society Lab