Metal sheet, laser cut, bend. A series of urban furniture based on a simple principle of creating a tridimensional structure out of a bi-dimensional sheet. Cutout created with the thought to increase socializing in the public space. Instead of a usual interpretation of an indoor format of furniture, Cutout gives a structure better adapted to its destination context: The urban ambient. The bench structure is made of a single metal sheet, bent in a way to transform a by-dimensional surface into a tridimensional volume. A particular “calm like” cut of the metal sheet allows its folding in two plans: one, following the designed profile of the bench and the other, for creating the circular shape of the bench. The circular form and the modular possibilities of installation create a constant interaction among users. 12 modules, 2 meters long each, create a full circle. Project was presented at Milan Design Week 2012.
Manufacturer: Urbo Photography Urbo srl

01/23 - Cutout