Across Chinese cities

Collateral Event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia. An exhibition designed together with studio Dontstop architettura and curated by Beatrice Leanza and Michele Brunello. Beijing Design Week presents an unprecedented investigation into the Chinese capital’s spatial program woven into its ‘otherly modern’ project (Hay, Double Modernity, Para-Modernity, 2008) which situates its traces by taking the historical district of Dashilar as a case study. The exhibition expounds upon Rem Koolhaas’ curatorial premise of an “Absorbing Modernity” by perusing the productive vacillation of policing directives and social forces that shaped the urban history of Beijing over centuries, and are here set in dialogue throughout two juxtaposed sections: “Across City Sections” and “Across Dashilar”. Download press kit Photography DONTSTOP Archtettura by Kiki Triantafyllou Beijing Design Week

01/23 - Across Chinese cities